Friday, 3 February 2012

Three Tops Tips to Reduce Workplace Stress

Research studies have shown that workplace stress impairs a worker’s ability to function intellectually, emotionally, and in his or her interactions with others. He or she is rendered incapable of meeting the requirements of the job.

The following three recommendations to reduce workplace stress are offered as a beginning step:

1. Clarify: Be sure each employee has a job description, and fully understands everything on it. If you are the employee, request a job description. Know WHO is responsible for a task, and WHAT the task is, and you will reduce workplace stress.

2. Control: Give employees as much control as possible, since control directly impacts reactions to high stress situations. An employee who is allowed, within reason, to control his or her workflow will be much more able to handle workplace stress.

3. Communicate: Make communication easy among workers. Employees and employers alike should be comfortable with conversations about positive and negative situations. Comfortable communication on small matters can lead to communication on workplace stress, thereby reducing the problem.

A wise employer will reduce workplace stress. A wise employee will do everything possible to communicate his or her to the employer, and work together to reduce workplace stress.

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